About Us

About Us

I launched Team Wasch to help businesses solve problems.

I don’t define “success” with a visit to the bank — Instead, the reward for my hard work, long days, and on-site commitments are celebrated by family trips, hiking, or a bike ride with the family.

Quality time with my family continues to fuel and energize my brand. We continue to create solutions for a customer base who values personal, organic, non-binary engagement.

This means we develop custom solutions with our customers instead of approaching each with a premade template. We, the customer and our team, define a list of deliverables to match the specific challenges faced. This is vital. We must diagnose the problem before sharing a prognosis. It’s an honest approach to problem-solving too many agencies and consultants have traded for profit. Value, true profit, is gauged by the success we’ve offered the customer — never the other way around.

Grant Wasch

I launched Team Wasch to help businesses solve problems.


Grant Wasch – Principal

Team Wasch is led by Grant. He specializes in helping clients create and revise processes to maximize their strategy, technology, and team. Grant’s nearly 20 years of business and management experience has attracted a client base that ranges from startups to managing multi-million dollar projects for government agencies.

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