Team Wasch works with clients to solve a variety of problems.


Team Wasch works with clients to solve a variety of problems.

The Most Common Challanges We Hear From Our Clients.

  • Frustration at constantly missing financial targets
  • You know you should be tracking metrics but not sure what or where to start
  • Do not have clear goals and a strategic plan
  • Delay after delay on projects and milestones
  • Have too many priorities and cannot get them all completed

  • Do not have the right information to make decisions
  • Rely too much on Excel reports for information and analysis
  • Data is a mess. It comes from everywhere with no clear way to use it with purpose

  • Employees spend too much time doing paperwork – drowning in admin
  • Employees repeatedly ask management how to do their work
  • Onboarding new employees requires excessive time from management due to a lack of defined processes
  • Time – Your most precious asset is being drained away everywhere

  • Employees do not have enough time to get their work completed
  • It is unclear who is responsible for specific work tasks
  • Not enough internal collaboration between departments and employees – We should be working as a team
  • Employees are resistant to change due to many failed attempts at new processes – This is not how we do things around here

  • Current systems cannot handle existing business processes – Things just aren’t working the way they should
  • Using multiple software platforms that do not talk to each other. The right hand and the left hand are uncoordinated.
  • Employees complete some of their work outside of an established system. Because there isn’t a ‘best’ way to operate things are haphazard at best.
  • Need an experienced project manager to lead a new or ongoing project
  • Standing up a new PMO (Project Management Office) and want to hit the ground running
  • Have a project that’s off-track, or feel concerned about client satisfaction
  • Experiencing rapid expansion or implementing new technology
  • Need to ensure success for your company’s transformational project

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